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6 Tips for Starting an Epic Sneaker Collection

Some people love to collect stamps and coins, while others are into fashion items like designer handbags and clothing.

If you’re thinking about starting an epic sneaker collection, it’s easy to get started with a few important tips.

Check out this list of six helpful tips so that you can get started creating an amazing collection of sneakers for yourself.

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1. Know What You Like

As you think about how to start a sneaker collection, keep your favorite styles in the front of your mind. There’s no reason to buy retro basketball shoes if you really prefer those hot skater sneakers, for example. Hone down the styles that you like best so you can start scouting for the right kicks to help your collection grow.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of sneaker collecting, but this can do a serious number on your budget. Don’t go overboard when you’re looking for the perfect pair to start your collection with. Instead, keep an eye out for one or two designer shoes that you really like, and that are also within a reasonable price range.

3. Learn About Different Brands

From Yeezy’s to Nike Air Jordans, there are tons of hot brands out there to choose from. Get a better idea of each brand and what makes them appeal to you the most. The more you learn about the hot sneaker brands, the easier time you’ll have finding the right choices for your unique collection.

4. Make Sure Your Sneaker Collection is Comfortable

Of course, you’ll want to show off your collection to friends and family, but your shoes won’t do any good if you can’t wear them. If you happen to find your dream pair on sale, it’s still important to make sure that they’re the right fit for your feet. Look for sneakers that aren’t just cool, but that will also be comfortable to wear.

5. Store Your Shoes Correctly

Keep an eye out for an awesome way to showcase your sneaker collection display. Whether it’s closet shelving, racks, or clear shoe containers, you want to make sure that your sneakers are stored properly so they stay in good shape. Ask other sneaker collectors what they use or go online for some ideas and inspiration.

6. Diversify

Don’t just stick to one type of sneaker as you build up your collection. The key is to keep things fresh and new by mixing and matching different styles. Don’t be afraid to be bold when you buy new footwear, and have some fun looking for new designs to add a fun touch to your growing selection.

Start Your Collection Today

From brand names and styles to storage, use these tips to help you build the ultimate sneaker collection. The more you know about these amazing shoes, the better your collection will be as time goes on.

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