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Contestants in Prosthetics on Blind Dates for Netflix’s “Sexy Beasts”

Netflix UK and Ireland released a trailer for “Sexy Beasts,” and it looks…interesting. They made this show to combat what they call ‘superficial dating.’ Producers hoped that by putting contestants in heavy prosthetics for blind dates would allow them to focus on each other’s personality.

If you watch the trailer you get to see some of the people without the makeup. Now if Netflix truly wanted to do a show based on loving someone for their personality they may have cast people who weren’t also conventionally attractive but it’s a moot point now. They also could have dressed the women in less tight fitting clothing instead of highlighting their breasts…

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I’m not sure if this is a good thing for the furry community or a bad thing. On the one hand you get to see people dressed up in what they think are partial fursuits interacting. While it seems fun it’s not something that is funny to do on a whim and could have serious repercussions. Furries invest A LOT in their fursonas, so the idea of doing this just for entertainment value could be upsetting.

I guess this is something we’ll just have to watch and make our own decisions about. I’ll probably check out a few episodes and if it’s not too terrible watch to the end. It’s going to take a lot to get over the fact that they just glossed over their original statement “Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating” and cast conventionally pretty people with “desirable” body types. Way to be unoriginal.

Sexy Beats” hits Netflix on July 21st.

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