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15 Summer Money Making Ideas for College Students

Summer is here and everyone can do with some more cash. If you are in college, a few dollars will make your next semester the most fulfilling time of your life. Give your summer assignments to the best dissertation writing services online to free time for money making engagements. 


You may argue that you do not have the capital or the time is so limited that you cannot make money by the time you return to college. Here are practical ways to make money this summer without spending a fortune while getting instant returns. 

1. Start a blog

You can start a blog from the comfort of your room. Since you are in college, you already have a laptop and can type a few words on a page. Start a blog. Build enough traffic by promoting the blog on social media and delivering high quality content. Monetize the blog through endorsements and by generating traffic. You can continue running the blog beyond summer to generate money while you are still in college. 

2. Teach online 

Do you have a skill that people would be willing to learn and pay for? Upload learning videos online and begin making money. You can use social media to market your lessons to interested participants from all over the world. The videos will generate traffic that you can monetize. The students could also pay a subscription to your teaching materials.

3. Take photos

Do you love traveling and photography? The world is looking for images you can take while having fun. The images are sold on dedicated websites for such content. An ordinary phone is enough to take the best photos. 

4. Review products 

Spend your time reviewing the ordinary items you find around the house or in shops. You become an opinion shaper as people begin to follow your content. You will attract endorsements and monetize the traffic coming to your social media or YouTube channels. 

5. Make social media videos 

Can you act, sing, or make interesting social media videos? This is a chance to make money. You may even upload inspirational talks or life hacks. Use a social media platform like YouTube to upload the videos. Alternatively, you may gather a following on Facebook and Instagram where you get endorsements from brands and professionals. 

6. Deliver foods

People who love eating from home want the food delivered. Start a food delivery business in your neighborhood. You may even cook the food if you are good at it to maximize profits. 

7. Baby sit

Offer to remain with babies or kids of working mothers and families. You are likely to find a few of them in your neighborhood. You can get assignment help at rank my service to help you focus on the work at hand. 

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8. Walk pets 

Pet walking is tedious and requires time. Advertise pet walking services in your neighborhood and you will have a list full of clients. It is fun to spend your day with pets and still be paid.

9. Run Errands 

Offer to go to the bank, collect deliveries, and shop for people around home. You will save them a lot of time and make their lives more convenient. The errands are lucrative and will expose you to exciting people. 

10. Manage Social media 

If you understand social media well, there are businesses and professionals looking for the best managers. Advertise your skills on social media and cold-pitch to organizations. 

11. Model 

Enroll at a modeling agency. As companies look for new faces to advertise their products, you will stand an excellent chance. It could be your chance to make the big break. 

12. Sell online 

Upload items for sale online. Enter a network-marketing or drop shipping scheme. The venture does not require any capital and can run on the phone. 

13. Take surveys 

Check websites paying people for sharing their opinions. You only need a phone to earn a handsome reward. The surveys take minutes to complete. 

14. Play musical instruments 

Join a band or group of singers if you can play a musical instrument. You will enjoy traveling and performing during events. 

15. Organize trips 

Start a tour outfit to take people on trips, hikes, and excursions. Advertise on social media and within your networks. They will pay you well for handling their logistics. 

Take a venture in an area you are passionate about. Avoid capital intensive ideas. You should also keep away from ideas that take time to give returns. You only have a few weeks of summer. 

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