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Understanding Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics may sound new to you, but it is a very ancient form of the supply chain. Yes, that is correct. Cold Chain Logistics is a part of the supply chain and it is very crucial to global trades.

It has had its historical use in 3pl warehouse management systems throughout the century and with technology, it has become so big, advanced, and reliable. Even though cold chain logistics have changed a lot, its purpose remains the same which is the transportation of perishable goods.

What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold Chain Logistics means the transportation of perishable goods in a temperature-controlled vehicle (Usually a semi-truck, big-truck, or a van). Unlike the traditional supply chain where management is more important, the Cold Chain relies mostly on the science part.

That is because the goods that are being transported are perishable in the Cold chain. Cold chain transport goods are required to be stored in cold temperatures, hence the name, cold chain.

You can ignore the management part of the cold chain but not the science. If anything in the cooling mechanism gets wrong, the temperature inside will start to rise and the goods will perish. These perishable goods will be no good. Thus the loss will be much higher than the loss incurred from late delivery.

Cold Chain Logistics Components

Based on your judgment, you can point out many components in cold chain logistics. It can be less or more. So we have pointed out five usual components of cold chain logistics.

Cold Storage

It is a warehouse but refrigerated to keep the temperature cool. It is important to keep the goods at a cold temperature while they are being stored in the warehouse, otherwise, they will perish.

Processing unit

This component processes the goods to be ready for being transported. It highly focuses on hygiene, sanitation, and packaging.

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Cooling facilities

This is the most important component right next to the transportation management system. These cooling facilities are small and big cooling units used to keep the goods cold and stop them from perishing. They are mounted in the warehouse, in the vehicles, and in other necessary stops.

If these components start to malfunction, the goods will perish unless you come up with alternate cooling methods.

Refrigerated transport system

These specialized vehicles of the transportation management system ensure that the goods remain cool while it is on transport.

It is the hybrid of your regular transportation with cooling facilities.

Why Is It important?

The reason why cold chain logistics is very important for the whole world is cross-country goods transportation. Because of cross country goods transportation, you can enjoy foods from other countries which are usually not available in your own country.

It is also important for foreign medicine transportation. How do you think you can get access to those expensive foreign medicines in fresh condition? Because of cold chain logistics.


Cold chain logistics is a very old form of logistics, yet it is the most important and crucial. Technology has changed and improved its way of operation. We can surely hope for more positive development in the future.

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