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Mondo Announces 2 New Mothra Posters and GIANT Statue

The past few years have proved to be an amazing time to be a Godzilla fan.Mondo is about to share even more love with fans of the King with their exclusive debut of new collector’s items featuring the Queen of the Monsters herself, Mothra! This drop will come in the form of two posters designed by artist Tom Whalen, and a gigantic statue featuring Mothra’s design from “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.

Let’s focus first on this absolutely breathtaking statue, which is the latest in a series of must-have collectible Godzilla-related statues that Mondo has recently issued. Standing at an immense 16 inches high, and 19 inches wide, and weighing in at about five pounds, this gorgeous beast was designed by Ian MacDonald, with an intricately detailed sculpt by Matt Black, and an eye-catching paint job by Matt Black

The statue is sculpted from PVC and Polystone materials and will have both a regular release, and a very limited edition variant. The Regular Version will sell for $375 and will feature a single unhatched egg detail at its base. The Limited Edition version, which will have a limited drop of 300 pieces and sell for $395, showcases two exchangeable eggs– an unhatched egg, and one featuring Mothra’s larval stage twin hatching. 

In addition to this absolutely unbelievably majestic statue, Mondo is also releasing two very exciting poster variants from Tom Whalen, who also did the box art for the statue! Godzilla films are known for their thrilling posters, and this throwback to the Showa-Era series entry is no exception. The 24×36 posters will drop in two editions for huge fans of the first iconic face-off between Mothra and Godzilla. The first edition, featuring English text, will have a limited number of 225 and run for $55. The second edition is a Japanese variant that will have a drop of 125 and run for $75. 

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Both will release on Tuesday, June 15th here.

The Mothra statue will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, June 15 at 12PM EST, while the posters will be available a mere hour later at 1PM PST. The statue and both poster variants can be found at

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