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Prescription Glasses For Gamers – Which Are The Best For Gaming Long Hours

About 57 per cent of the UK residents wear glasses or have some eye condition. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia are common. Myopia is mostly detected in childhood and while you grow old, you get hyperopia or presbyopia. Eye defects can occur for many reasons and with a lot of usage of computers and digital devices, your eyes aren’t getting any better.

Digital devices have become an intrinsic part of our daily life and it is hard to imagine living without your phone. You need your phone for almost everything. And for gamers, digital devices are their lifeline. If you are a professional gamer, then it is your daily bread and water. Over time, your eyes are getting weaker, either because you are growing up or growing older or other conditions contributing to your weakening eyes. Either way, you need prescription glasses to see clearly. And for gaming, you have a very specific need for glasses.

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Glasses for gaming

After long hours of gaming, you are left with puffy eyes, dark circles around your eyes and a headache. Gaming all day feels pleasant but the aftereffects are too tiring. You can get rid of these aftereffects simply by sleeping. Because of excess gaming, you have a hard time falling asleep and you game even longer or browse videos to try to fall asleep. The more you do that, your sleep goes far and further away and you stay awake for the whole night. Staying up all night gaming is tolerable when you are young. But when you get older you start having health issues.

Computer screens emit blue light rays. This light induces activeness and alertness. You are active and alert when you are exposed to these lights. The more you stay on your devices, the less you can fall asleep. By blocking these blue lights can help in reducing your sleep-related problems and other problems like eye strain and fatigue.

Blue light glasses help in blocking blue lights and give you a clear strain-free view. Your eyes do not hurt while playing. Do not feel eye fatigue after spending long hours. Also, your sleep cycle is restored allowing you to have a sound sleep.

What kind of gaming glasses help?

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Gaming glasses like blue light glasses help in reducing eye strain and other side effects of blue lights. Wearing these glasses, you will be able to play longer. You can improve your gaming efficiency as you can see the screen more clearly than before. You don’t get the glare of the bright high-resolution screen and can see distinct images. Your clarity of vision is improved with these glasses. Needless to say, it improves your gaming experience and you perform better than before.

X-Blue UV from Specscart is just the right lens for your prescription glasses. Wearing these lenses you can play better and see better. X-Blue UV lenses block almost all of the blue light rays and give you a comfortable vision. Wearing these glasses can also improve your sleep cycle. When your sleep cycle is improved, your mood is improved. You can think clearly and work with more efficiency. 

Apart from gaming, these glasses will also improve your work efficiency. You will always have a sound sleep because of these glasses and wake up energised the next day.

Worried about cost?

Good quality things cost a lot, but these high-quality glasses do not. From Specscart you can buy X-Blue UV for just £25. You can get fashionable and trendy frames for your glasses from the collection. Most of the glasses in the Specscart collection of Specscart are cheap. They are trendy, stylish, good for most occasions however they are not pricey. You can afford stylish glasses frames and lenses at minimum cost without putting a hole in your wallet.

If you have a high prescription requirement, you can get high index lenses for your gaming glasses. These lenses from Specscart are not expensive and only cost £25. You can get your high power glasses with blue light lenses and stylish frames under budget. You can wear these glasses while you are live-streaming your gameplay or outside when you are simply walking around or hanging with friends. These glasses are also good for the outside as they have a UV 400 coating on them. You can protect your eyes from blue lights indoors and UV rays outdoors.

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