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All About Access Control Systems

Today it is difficult to imagine any properties that would not be equipped with at least the simplest access control systems. An ordinary person, faced with this every day, most likely does not even pay much attention to them. ACS is today an integral part of integrated security systems. They allow restricting, regulating, streamline access control to various premises while recording information about movements for their subsequent use.

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The commercial access control system is a well-thought-out control system for the movement of personnel on the territory of the security object. In addition, the tasks of modern ACS include the identification of objects that have the right to access the protected perimeter, taking into account a certain time. In such systems, the following are often used: controllers, readers, various locks, door closers, turnstiles, etc.

How to choose an access control system?

Building access control system is a comprehensive definition of electronic devices aimed at warning, as well as preventing the commission of illegal actions on private property and personal safety of the user. Fundamental electronic access control devices are:

  • Reader — accepts / reads the proposed code from a key, card, etc.
  • Controller — electronic data center of the access control system. Compares the incoming data from the electronic key / identifier with the pre-entered data in the database, and also determines the hierarchy of access for each user. 
  • Identifier — an electronic key, externally it can be presented as a key fob or an access control card. The key can be contact, contactless.

For the best efficiency of access control systems, it is better to entrust the formation and selection of equipment to specialists, installation engineers, and not an electrician, these are completely different specialists.

What is a door access control system?

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The proposed standard solution of an autonomous door access control system is implemented on the basis of a proximity card reader combined with a controller. Benefits:

  • The control reader includes all the capabilities of the controller and the reader in one housing, which simplifies the design of the system;
  • Fast installation and connection;
  • Maximum simplicity and ease of use;
  • Reliable and affordable system;
  • Low running costs;
  • In the event of a power outage, the ACS is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply.

The main task of these commercial access control systems is to prevent unauthorized access. The entrance is carried out by the card, the exit —  by the exit button.

How do card access control systems work?

The card access control system is easily scalable, which makes it possible to carry out control at the same time on several checkpoints. The low cost of the solution allows you to start controlling the access and working hours of your employees with minimal investment. Connection to a computer with the program is carried out via USB or via a local network. The controller allows connecting various electromagnetic, electromechanical locks and turnstiles to the system. Another plus is that the readers can be used outdoors.

Benefits of biometric access control systems

The biggest advantage of using biometric access control systems is that it provides additional security. Since each person’s fingerprints are unique and inimitable characteristics, the highest level of security is ensured. In addition, the maintenance costs of such systems are minimal. Also, there is no need to use additional equipment and it is impossible to lose such identifiers.

So, it is an effective means of protection against unauthorized entry of intruders into the territory of the enterprise, delimiting employee access to its internal premises, as well as a tool to improve management efficiency. The maximum effect of the use of  building access control systems  is achieved through integration with other security systems, for example, video surveillance systems.

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