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Three Essential Pieces of Technology Every Nerd Needs

Nerds are the type of people whose lives are always intertwined with technology. Whether it’s a television, a stereo system, a gaming console or a computer, they thrive off of tech. If you’re someone who holds a strong affinity for technology, here are the most important ones you should have.

A High-Quality Computer

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The most obvious piece of technology any nerd needs is a computer. In fact, computers are now considered to be a necessity of life. It is very difficult to live without one. While most people opt to get a basic desktop or laptop, nerds may be more willing to take things to the next level. Rather than going to a store and purchasing a computer outright, building a custom computer may seem more tempting. A computer made in your own image has become a common trend as of late. You have total freedom on the customization aspects. You get to choose how much RAM and storage it will have, the type of graphics card, the casing and even the motherboard.

However, the price of what you’re building will vary based on a few factors. The first factor includes whether or not it is a desktop or laptop. If you decide to go with the latter, be prepared to invest a lot of money into it. Laptops are considerably more expensive to build from scratch than desktops. The internal components usually cost more. Unlike desktops, the hardware for laptops needs to be made more compact. Desktops are usually the better option due to the overall cost being lower, but the choice is yours.

An E-Bike

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While technology has done wonders for making life easier, that doesn’t mean we should stay inside staring at screens all day. Our bodies still need physical stimulation to stay in good shape. Aside from walking, there is no better way to give our bodies the physical activity they need than riding an e-bike. E-bikes are near identical to regular bikes, except they have small engines to make pedaling and braking easier. With DŌST Bikes, in particular, are known to have exceptional in performance. Each one comes with a full-loaded and powerful motor. In addition, it also has a dual battery option that can last up to 120 miles along with a throttle that all but eliminates the need for pedaling.

A Nintendo Switch


The gaming industry is nothing like it was back in the late 1900’s. With new and improved hardware, console gaming has finally become portable in the form of the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console is Nintendo’s latest masterpiece and is loved by many all around the world. There are thousands of games to be played on this device, even ones from the early 2000’s. New games are constantly being added to the Nintendo Eshop, so there’s bound to be something for you to enjoy. If you’re not a fan of gaming on the television, you’re in luck. This gaming console comes in a more mobile version, the Switch Lite. This compact version of its predecessor removes the hybrid functionality and makes it completely portable. Despite this change, it still functions and has everything else to love about the Switch.

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