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BELIEVE IT!- New Anime Ramen Bowls Make Dinnertime Fun Again

Ready for dinner but don’t know what to make? Ramen is always a safe bet and you can have it any way you like. Only problem is your standard bowls are a bit too small for all that savory goodness. That’s where Toynk has you covered though because they just put out a bunch of cool new ramen bowls. Shows like “Naruto,” “Sailor Moon,” and even “Sonic the Hedgehog” are represented in these cute new bowls. Check them out below!

Avatar: The Last Airbender” Japanese Dinnerware Set 

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Learning to bend all four elements can work up a big appetite!  Fill up on all of your Asian cuisine favorites with the Avatar: The Last Airbender Ramen Dinnerware set, which comes complete with an 18-ounce ramen bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks.

This Toynk Exclusive ramen bowl features a glossy white finish with adorable chibi styling of “the Gaang,” including Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and their loyal animal companions, Appa and Momo. The wrap-around design also features colorful symbols that represent each of the Four Nations, including the Air Nation, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and Water Tribe.

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Sonic The Hedgehog” Japanese Dinnerware Set 

Blast through every meal with Sonic Speed! After a long day of collecting gold rings and speeding through obstacle courses, you can kick up your red shoes while slurping down a hearty serving of noodles from the Toynk Exclusive, Sonic The Hedgehog Japanese Dinnerware Set. 

Matching the video game icon’s striking blue color, the large ramen bowl features a close-up of Sonic winking and the classic video game logo on the opposite side. This Japanese-inspired dinnerware set comes with a complete table setting, including a 14-ounce ramen bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks. Sturdy and durable, these ceramic dishes are built to last through all of your impromptu run-ins with Doctor Eggman. 

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Sailor Moon” Japanese Dinnerware Set 

Based on the popular shoujo anime series, the Sailor Moon Ramen Bowl Japanese Dinnerware Set resembles Sailor Moon’s signature sailor Senshi outfit. The red, white, and blue design features her magical “Moon Prism Power” transformation brooch.

The Japanese dish set includes a 16-ounce ramen bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks. Fight evil by moonlight, eat noodles by daylight with this cute Sailor Moon dinnerware set.

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My Hero Academia” U.A. Japanese Dinner Set

Eat Like A Hero: Master your Quirk with this My Hero Academia U.A. Ramen Dinnerware Set. The glossy ramen bowl features a blue-and-white design that matches the student training uniforms, including the stylized “U.A.” letters. Also featured in the design are the My Hero Academia logo and U.A. High School’s motto, “Plus Ultra.”

The dish set includes a 16-ounce ramen bowl and a pair of wooden chopsticks. Made from ultra-premium ceramic material, this sturdy dish is built to last through all of your heroic battles against the notorious League of Villains.

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Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch” Japanese Dinnerware Set 

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Outsmart the Galactic Federation with this Lilo & Stitch Ramen Dinnerware Set. Based on traditional Japanese dining, you can enjoy a serving of soba, somen, udon, and other popular noodle dishes with this 2-piece ramen set.

The 16-ounce white ramen bowl features a fun tropical theme inspired by Hawaiian imagery, including a colorful array of orchids. Everyone’s favorite adorable (and chaotic) alien Stitch is also depicted in a variety of playful poses. Say Hiiiiii to out of this world flavor when you eat from this fun dinnerware set.

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Naruto” Eating Noodles Japanese Dinner Set

Eat Like A Ninja: Satisfy your noodle cravings with this Naruto Uzumaki Ramen Dinnerware Set. This 2-piece ramen set is perfect for Naruto Shippuden fans who want to upgrade their mealtime with a geeky flair.  

The Naruto Eating Noodles Ramen set features a 16-ounce white bowl with a double-sided design. The printed graphic depicts a black-and-white image of Naruto Uzumaki slurping down a bowl of his favorite ramen noodles. Fuel up for your next battle in style with this fun ramen bowl set. 

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Dragon Ball Z” Karin Japanese Dinnerware Set 

Learn martial arts from the wise Master Karin with this Dragon Ball Z  Karin Ramen dinnerware set. Based on traditional Japanese dining, you can enjoy a generous portion of your favorite noodle dishes with this ramen bowl set.

This 16-ounce ramen bowl features vibrant orange coloring and top-quality print graphics. The wise cat and martial art master Karin is featured in the design, along with his home-grown Senzu Beans.

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Sanrio Gudetama Ceramic Soup Mug With Spoon

Take a break from your egg-essential thoughts with this Gudetama soup mug. Inspired by Sanrio’s Lazy Egg, this collectible drinkware makes a “meh” addition to any home kitchen. This kawaii soup mug features Gudetama’s face coming out of a cracked shell on the frontside and his adorable butt on the backside. The included matching spoon shows Lazy Egg in his shell.

The Oversized mug holds 24 fluid ounces of your favorite food and beverages, including soup, cereal, ice cream, and more. The easy-grip handle is shaped like a broken egg to give you the full Lazy Egg experience.

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Toynk Exclusive Ramen Noodle Throw Blanket

Take your ramen from the kitchen to the living room with our super soft Ramen Noodle Throw Blanket. The Toynk exclusive fleece blanket features a detailed Ramen Noodle design based on the popular uncooked noodle. It measures a large 45 x 60 inches and is made with top-quality polyester fleece. This fun food-inspired throw is a quirky and fun decor piece for any room in your home. 

All Ramen Noodle home goods are officially licensed and available for purchase here.

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