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What are Aimbots and How do They Work?

Video games are a hobby enjoyed by almost 3 billion people all over the world. While some games are played to relax or wind down after a long day of work or school, others are more competitive in nature. Games like Fornite and Warzone are all about outlasting your opponents and winning games.

Some people put in hours and hours daily into getting better at their favorite game. They practice their skills, learn the maps and wok on different techniques. With streaming becoming more popular, more and more players are trying to improve at games to become professionals or streamers.

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But if some people don’t want to put in all this time and effort, they may simply elect to use some game cheats to win more games. One of the most prevalent, and successful, of these cheats is the aimbot. This article is going to take a closer look at aimbots and go over how they work.

What is an Aimbot?

Simply put, an aimbot is a piece of software that essentially aims for a player. So instead of a player having to move their cursor over an enemy before shooting, the software will handle that movement for them. It is often done incredibly quick and with perfect accuracy. It is essentially like your computer aiming, and you simply having to shoot.

As you can imagine, aimbots can help players get more eliminations and win more games. Using an aimbot can turn someone with limited game skill or knowledge into the best player in the lobby. It is an unfair advantage and even professional players won’t be able to do much against a player who is using an aimbot due to the precision and speed of the aiming.

How Do Aimbots work?

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So now that you know how what an aimbot is, how does it work? Well, in general, there are a couple different kinds of aimbots. While there are many different types, most fit within a couple of categories, either a tracking or injection aimbot.

A tracking aimbot is a piece of software that will run alongside the game. It will search for specific colors or models in the graphics of the game, and when it sees them, it will automatically aim at them. When the cheat sees an enemy on your screen, it will aim at it incredibly quickly and accurately. These tracking aimbots can also be used with wall hacks that can allow them to aim through walls in some cases.

Injection aimbots actually inject code into the game you are playing, and changes the way it plays. When the code is injected, the game itself will actually transfer information on the locations of players right to the software, allowing for extreme accuracy as soon as a player is on the screen.

So, in simple terms, the software uses information from the screen or game itself to identify when an enemy is present, and where exactly they are. While out eyes might take a second to recognize the enemy and our aim-in will be a little slow, aimbots can do both of these tasks in an instant.

Also, there are different aimbots for different games and often many different options for aimbots within each game. So an aimbot for Warzone may look and function much different than another, due to how the game is coded or presented. So many are not “one size fits all” and will only work for a specific game.

While aimbots can certain provide you with godlike accuracy, you need to be careful if you decide to use them. If caught using them in an online game, there is a chance your account could be banned, so always know the risks. For example, many large games have banned hundreds of thousands of accounts for cheating, and this shows no signs of stopping.

To combat this, some aimbots will have flaws built-in so that the cheating isn’t as obvious for anyone who decides to stick around and spectate. They might introduce a few intentional misses, slower aiming in or less precise movement speed. Also, many aimbots can be turned off and on at will, so they can be hard to capture at times.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn a little more about aimbots and familiarize yourself with how they work.

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