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How Do You Build your Sales Enablement Strategy?

The economy of the twenty-first century keeps getting worse day by day. The new competitions that keep on coming up as potential threats to your market share do not help at all. In such times, becoming a successful entrepreneur is as difficult as ever. Getting your business to your desired heights amidst the changing trends in the market and evolving competition requires a certain strategy to be implemented. 

Since any organization’s source of success is its sales, it is safe to assume that a good sales department is the key to achieving prosperity. How can that be built, you might be wondering? It is with a sales enablement strategy.

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So how can you build an effective sales enablement strategy for your business? First of all, you need to understand what sales enablement is.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a process through which the organizations equip their sales reps with all the tools and resources that they would need in order to close more trade deals. Moreover, sales enablement acts as a bridge between your marketing and sales departments. Keeping them both on the same page will boost your company’s sales to a huge degree. 

The key to an effective sales enablement strategy is to prepare your sales teams for every kind of scenario that they might encounter in their trade deals. They need to have access to all the right resources at easy disposal so that they can interact with the customer in the most optimized fashion. They can even be trained in order to learn how to repeat successful sales. Efficient customer interaction will lead to a higher amount of sales in general, boosting the company’s business.

Preparing the Strategy

Like any good strategy, the perfect way to formulate it is to have a clear picture in your mind regarding your goals and methodology. Turn these goals into milestones and define objectives that would lead you towards achieving them. Then construct a system to analyze the progress so that you can measure the rate of improvement of your sales department. Once you know what kind of system you want your sales team to be going through, you can also decide on what resources that system will require. 

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One thing you have to ensure is that your sales reps are the focal point of this sales enablement strategy. You need to get them on board with this idea of training so that they know what to expect. Not only the sales department, but you also need to prepare your marketing team as well because both these sections of your organization will have to work hand-in-hand to fulfill the required goals. Furthermore, make sure you have included the use of sales enablement tools in your strategy. Top companies are now relying on such tools, including Content Camel for improving their lead generation. And the best part? The use of such tools have actually proven to be beneficial.

An easy fix for incorporation of the sales enablement strategy is to create a separate department dedicated to it.

Applying the Strategy

Once you have created the dedicated sales enablement department, you need to make sure that all the important positions inside it are filled with the right people. For example, you should find the person who is motivated to see the whole process to fruition and make him the leader of this department. He should know what the company’s goals are, where the organization makes money from, and also have a good connection with the other departments. Afterward, you can find roles for the training staff, resource allocators, and content managers.

The main focus of any sales enablement program is to prepare the sales reps to deal with the buyers. Thus, everything in the strategy should revolve around the buyers’ behaviors. If you can prepare your sales team to enhance the experience of the customers, you ensure that a certain trade deal will be closed with success. Make the content for your sales reps one that would attract them while being easy to access and organize at the same time.

A good way to prepare the sales teams for different kinds of buyers is to create a log of records consisting of all the information from the past trade deals.


After you have implemented all the steps required to improve your sales department, you need to analyze the results and record the progress made. There is a high chance that at this point you will be able to see which aspects of your sales enablement strategy have been the most effective. Thus, you can continue focusing on those aspects. With the right dedication and implementation of sales enablement, your business will be prosperous in the face of any challenges!

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