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Lookit this Adorable Garlic Bulb Bed for Your Stinky Baby

There’s this song on TikTok that everyone keeps using with their cat videos, and it’s something about being a stinky baby. If this garlic bulb bed had a song, it would probably be that. How cute is this little vampire repellant of a bed for your cat? I mean, it’s got a peek-a-boo door area AND a removable cushion. It’s a cool food shaped fort for your cat!

LocalStory on Etsy is selling these for $60, but if you think of it as an investment, it’s not all that much. Especially if you’re going to have this be THE cat bed for your kitty. Bonus points if it matches your other décor. I imagine someone with food themed salt and pepper shakers and Jell-O molds hanging on the kitchen wall buying this.

Artify – Square

You can check out the Etsy listing by clicking the link here.

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Also if you’re looking for somewhat matching towels I’ve also found sexy daikon radish hand towels.

Oh and here’s that song I was talking about. Try and get this out of your head!

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