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Deceased Drummer Tastefully Arranged Behind Drum Kit for Funeral

When you pass how do you want to be remembered? Do you want people to mourn you or celebrate your life? How would you like to be seen? For the late Brentnol McPherson (aka Guyanese drummer Bonny Brent), it was an obvious choice for how he should be shown. Being a passionate drummer during his life his friends decided that a traditional funeral wouldn’t cut it. They instead chose to have him posed behind a drum kit while music played at his funeral.

Covenant Funeral Home in Ontario, Canada had him tastefully arranged. He wore a yellow track suit and got to hold drumsticks one last time. On the bass drum they had the words, Bonny Brent 1952-2021. Flowers adorned the backdrop.

“Reunited with his dad the late greats Tom Charles, Pamela Maynard, Dennis Brown and the many artists gone before him. This was truly an honor! THANK YOU BONNY….WE SAID WE NEEDED TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT JESUS….. WITHOUT HIM, This would still be in my dreams……I know you are happy!!!”

Covenant Funeral Home
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Note: If you are uncomfortable with death do not watch the video. You can see his corpse positioned behind the drums.

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