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Korn is in the “Koffee” Business Now

Korn Koffee90s metal band Korn has gotten into the coffee business by partnering up with J. Gursey Coffee Roasters to release its very own line of “Korn Koffee.” While other bands go the libation route with whiskys, beers, and champagnes, Korn kept it family friendly by making sure their friends were at peak caffeine levels. The flavor is described as “distinctive blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huehuetenago, and Organic Peru beans mixed with J. Gursey Coffee’s popular Vintage Black Diamond blend.”

The members of Korn were ultimately responsible for “selecting the perfect roast and blend”. And really, for anyone who loves to drink coffee, you know those Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans aren’t cheap. They’re dark, temperamental, moody, and wild. Just like us metal fans! 

Each bag of Korn Koffee—which is available now—will include a special message from Korn. Said message is quoted below:

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After almost 25 years of touring, making records and playing in front of all of our amazing fans (you), one thing has remained a constant in our daily routine: coffee. The ritual, the brew, the aroma and most importantly, that very first cup every morning that sets the tone, is something we look forward to every day. Because of our passion, we’ve gotten together with a roaster and handcrafted our very own blend of KOFFEE. We hope you enjoy, share, and join us in savoring many cups of KOFFEE for years to come.

Do you want Korn Koffee?! Have you ever tasted any of your favorite band’s available drinks and beverages? Tell Nerdbot about it in the comments!

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