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Bad Gelato Could Soon Become Illegal In Italy

If you’ve ever traveled to Italy odds are you’ve tried to find authentic gelato. Or you just assumed because you were in Italy it was all authentic. Unfortunately that’s not the case and the Italian government is now trying to pass legislation to prevent tourists from consuming the fake stuff.

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“Italian ice cream has always been one of the gastronomic symbols of our country, recognized globally together with pizza and pasta, but our laws do not preserve artisanal ice cream and producers who make it.” Senator Riccardo Nencini said.

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Makers of “fake” gelato could be fined up to €10,000 ($12,030) in Italy. They would target places that used pre-made ice cream bases or compressed air. Ice cream makers that add excess air to gelato to give it a fluffier texture, or rely on artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, and hydrogenated fats would be fined.

If the bill passes, the only permitted ingredients would be “milk and its derivatives,” eggs, and fresh fruit. The law would be put in place to protect artisans and consumers. Tourists tend to not know any better the first time they visit and it’s not commonly talked about.

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