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Vote for this LEGO Rammstein Touring Set for Idea Consideration!

LEGO ideas are meant for people to upload things that they wish to see built. Anyone can be a LEGO creator and 10,000 votes will get you an official review. One user calling themselves Airbricks has submitted an idea of a famous tour stage of Rammstein’s. The official Rammstein Facebook account wants you to vote for its consideration.

LEGO Ideas

The project subtly titled “Stadium Tour” consists of 1,493 bricks, 6 members, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist, 1 drummer and 1 singer.

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The scenes can be modulated according to your taste and there is a functional elevator to say goodbye to the public at the end of the concert. I create them to remind me of the good times spent at the concert when we didn’t have this disease hanging around hoping that soon all this will be behind us. I hope many of you will like it and that you will vote for my project to title Stadium Tour thank you in advance. 

As of the time of this writing the LEGO set has 7,134 supporters. Since they have so many they have earned another 783 days to get to their goal of at least 10k. Once they reach the goal it officially comes under review. We hope this gets made, especially because the band is behind the making of this set as well.

You can vote for the project here.

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