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Explosives at Gender Reveal Party Result in Earthquake Reports

A gender reveal in New Hampshire rattled several towns, and even set off an earthquake report. People within a certain radius thought the boom was an earthquake because it had knocked photos off the wall. For some unfortunate people, it cracked the foundation of their homes. The reason being? 80 pounds of tannerite used by a couple for a gender reveal stunt.

Social media lit up around the area asking if it was an earthquake. Some apps were even triggered into thinking it had been one.

Some claimed it was an earthquake, but that’s not the case. Our team of meteorologists said there were no earthquakes reported around that time.

NBC Boston
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They chose to do the reveal at a rock quarry. Tannerite is sold over the counter and is often used to blow up beaver dams or used as firearm practice. 80 pounds of it is enough to significantly damage a home. It’s also enough to decimate a Lexus.

Tannerite kits for gender reveal parties are available, but they are sold in very small quantities. Nothing close to 80 pounds of it. The explosion led one person to turn himself in to local authorities in Kingston, N.H. Police are currently assessing the property damage around the affected areas and are coming up with determination on charges.

Oh, and it’s a boy, by the way.

Please stop hosting gender reveal parties with any kind of pyrotechnics. Please.

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