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Florida Person Jumps SUV Over Drawbridge in Mid-Ascent

A Florida person drove their SUV through a security gate and hopped the top of a drawbridge in Daytona. Traffic camera footage shows that the driver sped through breaking the arm of the gate and then sped forward. During the ascent of the bridge’s incline, the car “jumped” over from one side to the next.

The video looks crazy. It’s a good thing they timed that right because it could have been pretty bad. In Florida there is a law against crossing a moving bridge. It’s also illegal to bust through those crossing arms like they did. This event occurred Monday April 12th. A previous occurrence on this bridge took place in March when a motorcycle performed the same stunt.

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The car caught some air while hopping over the gap and then began to drive off. It happened quickly and police are looking for the owner of the car.

Investigators believe they have identified the driver of the SUV, but arrests have not yet been announced. Likely the people responsible will face charges and be on the hook for repairing the crossing arm.

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