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Unidentified Tree Creature in Poland Turns Out to be a Croissant

An unidentified animal was reported to the Krakow Animal Welfare Society recently. The “animal” had been sitting in the same spot for two days, and neighbors were terrified that it would enter their homes. They had their windows and doors shut tight so that it wouldn’t climb into their houses. Finally, one woman decided to call it into the local help line. Fortunately for the people who handled the call, it was no animal at all.

Originally, the caller thought that the mysterious animal was a legwan (lizard). The AWS looked forever for a lizard in a tree until they called the lady back. They couldn’t find one anywhere. Here’s what they had to say about the situation:

Krakow Animal Welfare Society – Facebook

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We are looking more closely – poor guy has no legs or head. We already know that we can’t help the creature, legwan, or rather – lagoon. Because it’s hard to help something that was previously baked, not in the sunlight. Because it’s hard to help something that almost sweeps us off our feet… a laugh attack.

I think it was probably an accidental prank because who would think to themselves, “this croissant is really going to scare people?” For instance one time I took a sticker off of my sunglasses and stuck it on the microwave. No reason behind it just put the sticker there because it was closer than the trash. The next night my Nana says to my Granddad, “Hey Roger, did you know this microwave is UV protected?” So things like this do happen unintentionally and it’s quite funny when it does.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Even the poster says that it’s probably just food that was meant for the birds but got caught in a tree. The people who responded also had a good sense of humor about it. They said that even if you call for a croissant it’s ok and that they will come and investigate anyway.

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