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Ketchup Shortage Leads to Crazy Prices On eBay For Single Packets

Remember the toilet paper frenzy of 2020? The crazy prices that people paid for butt wipes? We’re seeing a repeat of that behavior now, only with single-use ketchup servings.The cause of this is a newly addressed ketchup shortage.

On eBay, there are multiple listings of single packets that range from $9 for one to A LOT more.


Heinz has committed to upping their production, but until they start to become available on the shelf, people will keep digging into their unused condiment drawer. If you go to eBay right now you can use the drop down for the lowest price and shipping. There are listings where bids start at .99 cents, but you can expect that to go up when people bid. I’m currently watching a few just to see how crazy this gets.

1 of 1,111

It appears that only Heinz ketchup is having issues with production as other brands like Target’s Market Pantry seem to be in stock. So maybe we just can’t be so picky with our brand eating? Also those single packets have that tinny taste so there’s that.

What do you think of this crazy ketchup shortage? Will you be listing your condiments on eBay?

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