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Two Tiny Dogs Chase Bear Out of Their California Home

Some camera footage posted by homeowner Deedee Mueller shows one of the scariest scenes for pet owners. Usual outside predators are coyotes, or sometimes even mountain lions. You get the occasional raccoon or opossum, but a bear? The odds are probably pretty low, especially in Pasadena, California. Watch as a bear enters the house and is promptly chased out by her two small terriers.

In the video you can see the bear enter through the back porch. It takes a drink of water and then goes into the house like it owns the place. It seems that the bear may have been looking for food. The terriers bust in on the scene and chase the bear out. The best thing that could have happened in that scenario and they’re lucky the bear wasn’t aggressive.

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Bears are known for rummaging through garbage cans for food rather than breaking into homes. But as people learn to secure their trash better so that animals don’t get into it the animals get more creative. Definitely lock your patio doors, especially if you live somewhere that is a natural habitat for these animals.

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