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No Dippin’ Sauce Needed: Chicken Nugget Soaps

We’ve found a product that was hopefully just made for pranks. Someone on Etsy is making chicken nugget soaps that you can use in your bathroom or kitchen. They look exactly like the nuggets you would get at McDonald’s. The only difference is that they’re soap (and vegan!), which we know McDonald’s nuggets are not.

A redeeming quality of these chicken nugget soaps are that they smell like delicious watermelon. They come in a set of four for just $8.00. LoveLeeSoaps has all kinds of other weird soaps and a bunch of other food themed soaps. They might be a good way to get the kids to wash their hands or make them feel weird whenever they get chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

These soapy chicken nuggets look just like the real thing! This fun set is made with moisturizing, vegan friendly ingredients. Each nugget soap has a delicious watermelon scent added that is described as sugary slices of fresh watermelon that invoke feelings of warm sunshine and backyard barbecues. This set would make a great gift, April fools joke, Father’s Day gift, Stocking stuffer, party favors, or even something special for yourself. If you have any questions, interested in wholesale, or need a larger quantity feel free to let me know.

This listing is for 4 chicken nugget soaps the come labeled and neatly packaged in clear cellophane.

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Depending on how you look at it it’s either the best thing ever or the worst. Hello food aversions! Order your own chicken nugget soaps on Etsy here.

Want to know what kinds of other weird soap LoveLeeSoaps has? We found creepy severed toes, teeth, and more food items like this hot dog.

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