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Mark Hamill Virtually Visits Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Patients

Galactic treasure Mark Hamill took some time to video chat with some of the residents at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital recently. He read them books, answered questions and even showed off his new pup!

In the videos that he posted to Instagram, you can see Hamill reading along with one of the kids. He makes fun of himself for being too short for a stormtrooper, and jokes about it for a minute. Then he shows off his new pup named Molly.

Molly the dog is just one-two months old and working through being a bit nippy. At one point Hamill mentioned renaming her bite-y and the young patient agreed! It’s pretty much one of the cutest things you’ll watch.

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Though Hamill usually visits the kids in person, we’re all still being cautious and careful because of Covid-19. It’s nice he was able to find a way to spend some time with these young fans. This is just one of the reasons we love him so much in the nerd community!

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