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Lions at the Denver Zoo Have a Snow Day!

The lions in the Denver Zoo were treated to deep snow in their enclosure after a historic blizzard. While some animals were weary of the snow on the ground the lions lapped it up. They frolicked and played in the snow having the time of their life. It’s the most wholesome thing you’ll see all day.

The zoo stated on their Facebook page that lions often spend their time trying to stay cool. So since the snow was chilling already they were able to play as much as they wanted without overheating.

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In Africa, lions spend most of their day trying to find ways to keep cool, so surprisingly, our lions love the snow as they can be as active as they want without overheating! And if they catch a chill, they have heated rocks to lounge on and heated bedrooms waiting when they need them.

Denver Zoo Facebook
Denver Zoo Facebook
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