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Chicago Resumes Dying the River Green For St. Patrick’s Day

It would seem that the Earth is healing itself. Or at the very least things seem to be going back to normal. Chicago has dyed its river green once again for the upcoming holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. A tradition that has been ongoing since 1962.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot reversed an earlier decision not to tint the river after they skipped a year due to the coronavirus. The people that live in the area seem to be happy that they will be able to at least view scenery like they have in previous years. Parades are still not operating but they will at least be able to enjoy this tradition.

They dumped the dye in the river this year on Saturday March 13th.

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How safe is this for the life in the river?

Well, from what I can find it’s pretty safe. The dye is a vegetable base that is actually orange before it hits the water. Environmental groups also don’t seem to find anything wrong with it so it’s probably safe to surmise it’s a harmless tradition.

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