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“The Mandalorian” Fan Makes Full Size Replica of The Razor Crest

A major “Star Wars” fan in Siberia made a life size replica of “The Mandalorian‘s” primary mode of transportation. That’s right- the Razor Crest Gunship that Din Djarin scoots around the universe in has been made into a life-sized ship! It can’t fly, but it’s still really impressive.

Construction took over a year due to the Coronavirus and unforeseen financial hardships. January 3rd, 2021 Ayaal Federov put up a teaser video for his project on YouTube.

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Teaser of our EPIC project. We are building a “Razor Crest” from “The Mandalorian” in Real Life! If you want to follow our project and see how we building this epic ship, you can subscribe to our channel! Teaser of our EPIC project. We’re building the Razor Blade from The Mandalorian in real life! If you want to support our channel and watch how we build this epic ship, then subscribe to our channel! Instagram-In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Now the project is complete and there are a whole slew of images they’ve put up on their Instagram of it being made. The results are amazing and we’re really glad they made this for us to see now. Here’s them in their Mandalorian Cosplay standing in front of it.

Federov has put the Razor Crest on display at a local park in Siberia for everyone to enjoy.

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