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[Gallery] Downtown Disney’s New “Star Wars” Trading Post

The outbreak of Covid-19 forced the closure of the theme parks at The Disneyland Resort last March. Ever since then, they have been looking for ways to bring merchandise from the parks to the fans. Wonderground Gallery was remodeled back in September to provide “Star Wars” merchandise. Most of which was only available in the Galaxy’s Edge section of Disneyland. Now, the former Rain Forrest Cafe has become Star Wars Trading Post, and it is here to stay!

[Editor’s note: all photos in this piece are by the author, Mike Tuffley.]

The anticipation

The training droid from A New Hope
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Legacy Passholders seized the the opportunity to preview this new shop last Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, it finally opened to the public. The crowds were eager to get in line. We arrived at almost exactly three o’clock, and were told the approximate waiting time would be three hours. Now to make a virtual appointment.

This is sort of like a fast pass for shopping. We scanned a QR code with the camera in our phone, and it took us to a web page. Cast Members may have to add your phone number manually if your location data is not on.

All of the Legacy lightsaber hilts currently available.

While you wait, there is plenty of time to admire the buildings and shop elsewhere. Rey’s speeder from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is parked in front of the building, having been relocated from it’s position in Tomorrowland.

Grogu’s Pram Pod decorates the entrance!

Go time!

Two hours and forty-nine minutes later, a text message arrived inviting us to join the physical line. If you wish, you may purchase a special gift certificate coin. This is called a Satuuan Spira. It costs $4.99 plus a minimum of $100 that may be spent in the store. The wait time once in the actual line was about thirty minutes.

Grand Admiral Thrawn throws a rave in anticipation of “order 66.”

We reached the front of the line at last. A cast member told us to take a number if we want to view or purchase a Legacy lightsaber. We took one, just in case of course. The Trading Post really takes advantage of the previously existing forrest decor from the former Cafe. Additionally, trees and vines mix with camouflage netting overhead. Music from the complete saga fills the air. Computer consoles come alive with lights and sounds. The child Grogu owns an entire corner of the shop.

Grogu "The Child" merchandise
Grogu, aka “The Child” has a huge corner full of merchandise.

It was very hard to leave the store. Mentally, not physically. This is a great way to get your Star Wars merchandise from Disney. We still hope for Princess Leia and Jedi Rey Legacy lightsabers and hope we can get them here someday!

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