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Duplex for Sale “As Is” Including Mannequins

Who wouldn’t want to buy a Duplex littered with creepy mannequins. I mean way to bury the lead on the listing which says nothing about them. Of course if you look in the pictures on Zillow they tell a different story.

This is a story of a house that’s been lived in. What I can tell is that the owner must have been lonely and wanted some company. Their decorating choices are… interesting. I mean just look at the fireplace.


Maybe the mannequins were put there to help you imagine yourself in the home. Sometimes I see mannequins on the street with promotional signs and I always take a second look. Uncanny Valley is a very real place inside my mind and they always freak me out. Forever staring forward with nothing on their minds.

Some of the interior is interesting. But I can’t stop looking at the mixture of mannequins and statues of Mary. Go a little bit further and you’ll see that inside the bedroom there is a mannequin ready to steal your soul as you sleep. Or at least be the cause for massive night terrors.


The woman in the red dress screams ghost lady. Oh and there’s another room filled with not just adult mannequins but baby dolls, child mannequins and another statue of Mary.


I really don’t know if it’s a personal collection of weird stuff, the person owned a fashion boutique or they were just uh… a little odd. Thankfully though the listing on Zillow says that they come with the house so you can do with them as you please. Name them, decorate your lawn with them, or sell them on Ebay.

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Brilliant Marketing?

If they were put there to start up a conversation about the listing that’s a pretty brilliant move. In only three days since the house was listed it sits at a million and a half views. So maybe it’s just the agent really knowing how to sell a listing.


Other places recently used mannequins too to make things feel a little more full during the pandemic. I can’t say how well that worked out but they would decorate hotel lobbies with them to make it look more inviting.

With a little love, this duplex has great income property potential. Centrally located and close to casinos, beaches, shopping, skiing and the only cinema in town. There is a spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit upstairs and a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit with a 1 car garage downstairs. Large driveway that can accommodate numerous cars. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Property to be sold “as-is”.

Zillow Listing

Since the listing is a Duplex it gets my mind turning. Maybe the downstairs was for living and the upstairs was culling the spirits of the dead? Maybe the owner just never went upstairs after putting the mannequins up there? There’s just too many questions that need answers…

If anything this might be where future Number Five retired. You know, after all the hullabaloo with the Umbrella Academy and things settled down. It’s possible right?

Was this a house built for Number Five?

Check out the listing by clicking the link here. If you come up with any good ideas as to why this exists please let me know!

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