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Guinness World Records Shares Most Cat Tricks Done in a Minute

At first glance you may think that the cat in the video is just being a cat. It’s about the coolest thing when you realize that this cat is actually answering commands given by their human. 19 year old Anika Moritz is the person responsible for training this cat how to do all these tricks and has recorded the most cat tricks done in a minute with her furry companion.

8-year-old Alexis (The Cat) completed 26 tricks in the one minute given. That’s the most that a cat has ever completed in such a short time. Anika has been training Alexis since she was just 12 weeks old and the hard work paid off. Now they will live on forever in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anika used the clicker/treat combination when training Alexis. When you train an animal with that method you click a clicker when they do a good job and sometimes give them a treat. It’s important for the animal to associate the clicker with being a sign of a job well done because too many treats can be detrimental to their health. Anika found a healthy balance of the two and the pair worked on an array of tricks that would one day be included in the video above.

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Anika also attributed the fact that Alexis could do so many tricks with her without using the clicker or giving treats because the interaction with her is a reward in itself. She explains that doing tricks is a hobby for both of them and they genuinely enjoy doing it.

Alexis is said to be a “Once in a lifetime cat.” While Anika does have other cats and trains them all she knows that Alexis is special.

To read the interview that Anika did with Guinness World Records click the link here.

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