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This Bulbasaur Rose Plush Makes for a Sweet Gift on Valentines Day

I want to start this out by saying if you’ve seen this product in a Facebook ad DO NOT BUY IT. Unless you are going through the original artist BeeNerdish Crafts’ social media it is a scam site trying to sell you her product with stolen images. They are aware of this and have posted on Instagram how you can make sure you actually get your rose bulbasaur. Now onto the cuteness!

This bulbasaur plus is a pretty pink and has a rose instead of the classic bulb. From the looks of the images you can see that the quality of the plush is very soft and is firmly stuffed. Beenerdish says that the best way to get your hands on one of her cute plushies is to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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BeeNerdish Crafts

I seriously hate when scam sites take artists work and try to sell it to people and take money from innocent people. I fell for it once and I promise you never again. If you’re ever unsure please use the “search google for image” feature which is how I was able to track down Beenerdish. Please support them by following their social media accounts linked above. And you can check out their linktree by clicking the link here.

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