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King Cobra Decanter is Perfect to Pair With a “Cobra Kai” Marathon

“Cobra Kai” is a show that I hate to admit being late to the party watching. But now that I have I’m honestly a little obsessed… which is how I found this cobra decanter on Amazon(thanks computer algorithms). Now you can have a decanter that someone like Johnny Keene or Kreese would have when you pour out your favorite whiskey from this cobra decanter.

Amazon’s listing says:

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  • KING COBRA SHAPED DECANTER: The KING COBRA decanter, resembles a coiled and elegant snake ready to strike. Fierce and powerful it’s full of energy and coils as world’s longest venomous snake.
  • ETCHED WITH DETAIL: Each coil was hand shaped and placed deliberately to show the King Cobras resting position. It’s poised, yet ready to strike at any instance.
  • SYMBOLISM AND TRADITION: The king cobra is a prominent symbol in the mythology and folk traditions
  • PERFECT GIFT: Groomsmen gift – Best man gift – Wedding gift for the groom – Graduation gift – Father’s Day gift – Anniversary gift for him – Gift for whiskey lovers and for all occasions. Makes for a beautiful and elegant table centerpiece.
  • CENTERPIECE, TOPIC OF CONVERSATION: Makes for a beautiful and elegant table centerpiece. Will have your guests or visitors discussing it’s elegant craftsmanship .

So basically what I’m reading is that it’s a totally badass way to show that you like Cobra Kai in your own home. Also if you didn’t already read the word “badass” in Johnny’s voice(it just makes it cooler ok?) you should. If you know someone who loves the show and can’t wait for Cobra Kai season four to drop on Netflix maybe consider gifting them this. If anything it’s going to be great to rewatch the show with.

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