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Lil’ Than[os] Releases ‘Snap My Fingers’ feat. Iron Man

It may be a parody video and version of the Lil’ John‘s “Snap Yo Fingers” but it’s one we wish was the primary song. That way we’d at least get it played on the radio and we could all pretend we were living in that weird dystopian future that Thanos had planned for us.

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THE MERKINS on YouTube released a very well done parody music video that mirrors Lil’ John’s perfectly. It shows us Thanos rapping his own version of the song with lyrics like “destroyed the mind stone, brought Vision back, took it from his forehead and that’s a straight fact.” It’s dripping with all kinds of “Avengers: Endgame” references and it’s just too good to ignore. Here is the video, but please be warned if you have a photosensitivity you may want to tab out to just listen to it. It has a lot of pulsing colors that could induce an episode.

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