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Bruce Willis Refuses to Wear Mask, Kicked out of Hollywood Pharmacy

Honestly, we’re kind of surprised it took this long for Bruce Willis to make headlines again. The tough guy decided he was too important to put on a mask while stopping by a RiteAid in Hollywood, CA. As you may know, Los Angeles and it’s surrounding counties are one of the worst areas for Covid-19 numbers right now. We really can’t blame the employees for reminding the actor to respect the signs hanging around the store, and of his civic duty to wear a damn mask while out in public.

Bruce Willis literally had a bandana around his neck, but would not pull it up to cover his face. The employees asked him to cover his face. Willis refused, and was asked to leave.

PageSix reports he did this “calmly,” but seriously who calmly refuses to follow posted rules like THIS? Especially when he knew the high likelihood of this event being reported on.

This is also very strange, considering back in May of 2020, Willis literally put on his “Armageddon” astronaut suit for a post on daughter Rumor Willis‘ Instagram to urge people to wear their masks. The post in question has been deleted, but the internet is forever.

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If only he had his “12 Monkeys” suit, right?

Willis has since offered a statement to People Magazine, apologizing for his ‘error in judgement.’

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up,” Willis said.

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