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Was Chuck Norris Spotted at U.S. Capitol Insurrection?

As the days go buy, we’ll no doubt be getting additional confirmations of persons of interest who attended the Washington, DC failed coup attempt. The domestic terrorists stormed the nation’s Capitol Building, forcing their way into the Chambers of Congress and the Senate, desecrating the halls of law of the United States.

The FBI went so far as to request the public’s help in identifying some of the individuals who, ill-advisedly, showed their faces (by not wearing masks) to cameras and took various forms of social media video during the insurrection.

One of the persons the internet has seemingly picked out is none other than “Walker, Texas Ranger” star himself, Chuck Norris.

According to Twitter user DevinNunesTHEDragQueen, Norris was spotted in Matt Bledsoe‘s Instagram story.

There was also this tweeted photo from Scout, which also seems to feature the actor.

This claim quickly took hold across the internet, due mostly to Norris’s known hardcore conservatism, and support (and praise) of Donald Trump.

However other Twitter users were quick to point out the differences in the real Norris and this look-a-like, most notably the eye color.

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At present, there has been no official word from Norris about if this was him, or a look-a-like.


After we published our piece, Norris’ manager Erik Kritzer released a statement to the Associated Press saying that no, the man in the above posts is not in fact Chuck.

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