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Here’s What “The Mandalorian” Theme Would Be Like With Lyrics

Get ready! Because once you hear this you wont be able to think of the the theme from “The Mandalorian” the same again. The Warp Zone on YouTube just released a video of what the theme would be like with lyrics and we can’t get enough of it.

“Here’s a man in an Beskar suit Who’s a walking armory Bounty hunting to just make do In the gig economy”

They’ve been kind enough to include all of the lyrics for the song in the description of the YouTube video so that you can sing along. Fair warning though, you’re probably going to get the words stuck in your head.

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Much like the “Baby Yoda Floating in a Pod” song we’re going to have to add this to our nerdy musical playlist on YouTube.

WarpZone on YouTube

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