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Wampa Skin Rug Will Keep You Warm Even if You’re on Hoth

If your tootsies are colder than the surface of Hoth then we may have the perfect thing for you. This Wampa skin rug will keep you from touching that ice cold floor you have at your house, and even if you already have carpeting- you’re going to want one of these, just because of the texture between your toes. We all love a good shag carpet right?

Available on, this guy is perfect:

Now we can tell it’s not the one Luke fought, mostly because this on still has all its limbs. So we can only assume that they’re now harvesting these creatures for their fur. Which yeah, bad… but it’s also fiction and all in good fun.
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Save the Wampas

Listen, we get it. Wampas aren’t exactly the most friendly critters on Hoth. You’ve seen “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” right? They’re known for attacking anyone who wanders too close to their den. They’ll steal your Tauntaun and leave you stranded in a frozen tundra.

Then, they’ll freeze you to the ceiling and eat your Tauntaun for breakfast… and then plan to eat you for dinner! All that being said, it’s totally not cool to hunt a Wampa for its fur. Even those angry creatures have a right to be left alone and besides, you can get a great Star Wars trophy without hunting a Wampa!

The good news is, you don’t have to! With this Star Wars Wampa Fur Rug, you get a nice, soft rug for your home and not a single Wampa needs to be harmed.

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