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Pizza Hut has a Triple Treat Box, Complete With Cinnamon Rolls

Yum- Pizza Hut is now selling a triple decker box to solve all your dinner time needs. Including two savory pizzas and breadsticks as well as cinnamon rolls for when you get that sweet craving after. The cinnamon rolls are Cinnabon so even more reason to get excited.

Pizza Hut’s new Triple Treat Box
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The Triple Treat Box will be available at Pizza Hut locations nationwide. You can order thin crust or pan crust for the medium pizzas and it will come with one marinara dipping sauce for the breadsticks.

Pizza Hut will worm their way into your heart, stomach and your texts(seriously have to unsubscribe…) by providing you a simple solution to dinner. And if you haven’t succumbed to the gods of pizza yet during this pandemic then you are stronger than I. Do with this news what you will but I know what I’m getting for dinner…

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