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Gwen Stefani Still Looks Smokin’ in Her “Just a Girl” Outfit 25 Years Later

Gwen Stefani showed off that she’s still “Just a Girl” on Instagram. Rockin’ the original top that was used in No Doubt’s music video 25 years ago.

She’s gotten into the outfit again to promote her new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” There are a couple of additions to the original outfit, like the stacked Stefani and Shelton necklaces and bangles.

The pompadour is reminiscent of the original style of ponytail she wore for the video. And who could forget the iconic bhindi that she wore in the 90’s? The tear drop stickers are totally a play off of that.

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All I can say is that she’s still smokin’ hot. And after multiple pregnancies to have a rock hard stomach like that is true inspiration. Here’s the original music video from No Doubt’s heyday. Enjoy!

We’re anticipating the “Just A Girl” fashion look in the completed music video for the single. But for now you can check out the lyric video that Stefani posted up on her YouTube channel. Here’s her new single that popped December 7th!

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