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Dunkaroos Sugar Cookie Dough and Sprinkled Frosting Kits are Here!

Dunkaroos were a big hit in the 90’s and were included in many a kids lunch. After a while they seemed to fall off the face of the Earth until recently when there has been a huge nostalgia fueled resurgence of the brand. They’ve had everything from the regular snacks recirculating to teaming up and making a Dunkaroos brewed beer. We’re excited to try this new bakeable snack!

Yes, I’m going to call this a kit even though it’s basically just a regular package of sugar cookie dough. Why? Because standard cookie dough packs don’t also come with a package of sprinkled frosting to make a giant version of the most epic snack ever.

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According to the Dunkaroos’ Instagram, you can look for these treats on the shelves of HyVee, Kroger, Wakefern, Walmart, Wegmans, Albertsons and/or Safeway.

The Dunkaroos packages will make six giant cookies or 24 mini cookies. Which are probably regular sized because if the package is like the other cookie doughs out there it’s divided into 24 squares.

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