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Woman in Kangaroo Suit Hopping With Baby Joey is So Wholesome!

One thing led to another and down the rabbit hole I went. Luckily when looking through the comments on a twitter post I was able to find that the Nashville Zoo was responsible for this adorable video of a woman hopping with a joey (the term for a baby kangaroo). The reason for it was that they were getting ready for their event “Boo at the Zoo.”

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Originally it was being said that the woman was teaching the baby how to jump so that it could be rehabilitated. Which is a nice theory but unfortunately not true.

The baby was orphaned- it was kicked out of mom’s pouch and had the keepers not intervened the baby joey may not have survived. The joey is now part of the Nashville Zoo and they are taking great care of this little guy or gal.

You can check out the Nashville Zoo’s Facebook by clicking the link here.

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