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Cheetos Now Has Holiday Popcorn Tins

Ready for some good news? Well Cheetos has made their very own holiday popcorn tin this year filled with cheeto flavored popcorn. Best part is that they have two flavors of popcorn. Similar to the traditional trifecta of regular popcorn tins that have caramel, white cheddar and chocolate flavors.

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It’s Review Time! ??? ROCKING AROUND THE CHRISTMAS…POPCORN TIN? @cheetos is bringing Christmas to us a whole month early with their latest holiday creation! I present, Christmas Cheetos Popcorn Tin! • • I want to start off by giving a GIGANTIC shoutout to @cheetos for sending me this incredible popcorn tin to review! You guys are all that and a bag of popcorn! Now I have said this before and I will say it again, I am SO GLAD that Christmas is making it’s way into the aisles of each and every store early! TIS THE SEASON! ?? Now this is available starting today at @walmart and is 7.98$ which is a STEAL, considering this tin is a foot and half tall and 14 oz! Talk about stocking up for the winter! Ahaha! Now before we talk about the contents, I just wanna go over the awesome artwork on the outside of the tin! On the front we have Chester Cheetah rocking the classic red Santa hat and he is presenting us two handfuls of different flavored Cheetos Popcorn! As you can see, the tin itself is split into two colors representing the two flavors; red and orange, and each side has the corresponding popcorn cascading down! How cool is that! And to top it off, it even has a little tag printed on the tin so you can write To and From and give it as a gift! Now inside we have the two iconic @cheetos popcorn flavors: Flamin’ Hot and Cheddar! Now each popcorn comes pre-packaged that way if you want to keep each separated, like I like to do, you can! Or you can also pour them both directly into the tin and mix them about giving you a trail mix of Cheetos Popcorn and I love that! I also love how the popcorn is packaged inside and not just loose, that way you can buy it and save it as a gift and not worry about the popcorn going stale before the person you’re gifting it to gets it! Overall @cheetos knocked it out of the park with this whimsical creation and I can’t wait to see what they do next! 9/10 ?

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The tin is 14oz of popcorn goodness and 1.5 feet tall. They have already started selling this delicious treat at Walmart for about $8 a tin. In the tin you get Flamin’ Hot and Cheddar. So there will be a flavor for each person in your household.

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