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Halloween Dogs Product Review: Mad Designs 3D’s Cookie Cutters

It is that fun spooky holiday!! During this fun Halloween season I decided to do a cute little shout out to some puppers who had the opportunity to try some Halloween treats. These aren’t just any treats, they’re treats made by your one and only! ME! Many moons ago there was an article about a D&D cookie cutter set. Today not only did I have the opportunity to write about these cutters once again, but I was able to use these to make treats of my own! Call it a product review, shall we?

Mad Designs 3D is all about that DnD life and has taken it one step up with Cookie Cutters! It is FDA classified as Generally Regarded as Safe (safe for contact with food). Designs included are: D20, Tentacle, Crazy Ball of Eyes, Mimic, and Dragon!

I used a recipe found online with these cutters that Mad Designs 3D sent out. I’m very happy with how the dog treats came out and how well the patterns on the cookie cutters came out! Definitely suggest that you make sure the dough isn’t too thick when you roll it out!

Here’s Indy exploring the tentacle’s flavor.

This recipe isn’t for every pupper as not every recipe works for everyone, but there were enough doggos that were happy to dress up and show off the delights before devouring them. 

Hamachi is a magical doggo with the skill of Dragon Balancing!
@hama.hama.luv & @myhamachi

If you are interested in making cookies for you or your furry friend the sizes are approximately 4” across for the dragon design and 4” tall for the D20 design. The owner of the brand has even included a Sugar Cookie recipe on the site in case you want a solid recipe to follow. You can purchase individual cookie cutters or the full set on their site and shipping in the US is FREE!

Keep Going!
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The Dragon is no match for Harley…
Especially when Harley is charged up for devouring!

Huge thank you to Mad Designs 3D for sending me these fun cookie cutters, I can’t wait for the holiday collection! And don’t worry, they also sell Dice Jails, D100 Menus, Bases, Miniatures and more on their site as well! 

Maia Persephone is looking very confident with the D20 against the Tentacle and the Mimic
Maia is cautiously approaching the Tentacle from the rear.

If you have your furry friends dressing up for Halloween don’t forget to tag me, I’ll be sharing Halloween looks on my Instagram story throughout the day!

Anna the shark-o looks so excited for her Dragon friend!

Happy Halloween!

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