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Rooster Kills Police Chief After Raid on Illegal Cockfight

While trying to break up an illegal cockfight in the Philippines the police chief was killed. The rooster who killed him was armed with an ankle blade which cut into his thigh. This occurred Wednesday October 28th.

San Jose Police Chief Lt. Christian Bolok was inspecting a rooster after the raid when he was cut with its ankle blade, the CBS News reports. The blade sliced into Bolok’s left thigh, severing his femoral artery. He bled out on his way to the hospital.

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They suspect that not only the physical wound was the cause of death but also that the ankle blade was laced with poison. They had tried to tie a tourniquet on but unfortunately it was either in the wrong place or like mentioned above, poison affected the rate at which he passed.

This kind of freak accident is not common, but it does show the dangers of these cockfights. If one can do such damage to a human think of all the damage it could do to another rooster. It’s animal abuse at its worst.

You can read more about the event by clicking the link here. Our hearts go out to the officers friends and family at this time.

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