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Corey Feldman Just Announced The Frog Brothers Reunion

If there’s one moody spooky 80s vampire flick we absolutely love (who are we kidding- we love a lot of them), it’s Joel Schumacher‘s “The Lost Boys.” Mixing a classic horror with a New Wave sensibility and one of the best soundtracks of that year, these teen vamps who terrorize Santa Carla didn’t know what hit them when they came toe to toe with Michael, his brother Sam, and the comic book shop owners- The Frog Brothers.

Turns out, one of the Frog Brothers, Corey Feldman, just dropped some pretty great news on his personal Twitter account- that a Frog Brother reunion is happening!

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Don’t forget about this music video last year, which saw the brother’s return.

Not a lot of detail there yet, but we’ll let you know what we hear about this!

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