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PlayStation 5 Will Be a Quieter and Easier to Clean System

It’s a normal Saturday and you are enjoying your time slaying every soldier in a base in “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.” Everything is going great. You’re fully immersed in Kassandra’s path as an assassin. That is until your PlayStation 4 suddenly begins to sound like a jet engine coming in for a close landing. Nothing breaks your immersion quite like believing that your console may just explode at any given moment. Luckily, PlayStation 5 is taking steps to make sure that problem is a thing of the past.

During Sony’s recent teardown video of the PS5, we got a closer look at exactly what is going on under the hood of this new console. For the disc drive version, the console features double insulation to reduce vibration and noise. This means your console should run smoother and quieter overall. At least you know that whenever you slide a disc in you can expect your console to muffle the sounds of that disc rotating at a fast speed.

Image Credit: Sony
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Additionally, the PS5 also sports a very helpful new feature called a “dust catcher.” These two holes on the console will make it much easier for you to regularly clean out your system. Dust collected by the system’s fan will automatically be filtered into these holes. All you need to do is vacuum them out and your console is ready to go. You will need to remove the outer shell of the console to access these holes, but the process is extremely simple. Easy dust removal means less accumulation and a quieter and cooler console overall.

Hopefully, all of these features mean a launch-model PS5 will have a longer lifespan than previous consoles. Not to mention, a much quieter gaming experience for everyone.

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