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Remember When Keira Knightly was in “Star Wars?” It’s Ok, Neither Does She

We understand when an actor has trouble recalling the intricate details of a part they played over 20 years ago, we really do. But to forget out of hand that you were in a “Star Wars” movie?!

Maybe that’s a little unfair, as Keira Knightly *DOES* remember being in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace,” but not specifically who she played.

As the actress told ComingSoon:

Wait a minute, who did I play? Was I not Padme? I was Sabe, ok. I think I was 12 when I did it, and it came out and I saw it the year after. And I never saw it again. I hope she lived a long and happy life somewhere in a planet far, far away.

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If you’ll remember- Knightly plays one of Naboo ruler Queen Amidala’s handmaids. Amidala of course was played by Natalie Portman, and Knightly wasn’t the only familiar face in orange and red velvet.

Here we see Portman and Rose Byrne, who played handmaid Dormé.

Anyhow. Maybe it’s time to revisit “The Phantom Menace” again.

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