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This Franzia Box Wine Backpack is a Game Changer

Sure, we’ve all found creative ways to get around transporting our favorite adult beverages to various functions where it might be frowned upon, right? Right? Why are you giving us that look?

Anyhow- Franzia Wine has announced a brilliant product to accompany one of their most popular offerings- box wine. Like an adult juice box that takes up most of the room in your fridge, box wine is almost a right of passage for parents and professionals alike.

While not available RIGHT NOW (it’s listed as “coming soon” on their website), it’s certainly going on our shopping list.

Here at Franzia, we’ve always got your back. Bring your Franzia with you wherever you go with the Official Franzia backpack. Complete with an opening for your pour spout on the side. 

Wine opening on the side of the backpack to fit your Franzia spout
Material: 600D, White
Size: 12.5″H x 4″D x 9.5″W

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We just want to remind you that wine, like other alcoholic beverages, are strictly and legally 21+.

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