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Rare Blue Moon to Illuminate the Sky this Halloween

Not only is Halloween on a Saturday this year but it’s also daylight savings! Which means if you go out or gather you get an extra hour to do so, or an extra hour of sleep if you have to work the next morning. This year we can also look forward to celebrating Halloween with a rare blue moon, pretty special if you ask me.

A blue moon doesn’t mean that the moon appears to be blue or any special shade of azure. It is called that when two full moons occur within the same month. Something that hasn’t happened since March 31st 2018. And if you’re wondering how rare it is for it to occur on Halloween? Well it won’t happen again until the year 2039.

Blue Moon Superstitions

There are some crazy superstitions about the blue moon to go along with it. Because of course there are! One of my favorites is that if you sleep with the blue moon shining on your face you will go crazy. Like institutionally insane. Another good one is that if a woman looks at the moon she will get pregnant, only problem is that the child will be a monster… Kids am I right?

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There are actually several fertility superstitions so if you are trying to get pregnant, this could be the year. If you see a blue moon it’s good to turn down the bed(prepare the bed for sleep or use) and that is supposed to increase fertility.

It’s good luck to pick flowers and berries during the blue moon because it will bring abundance, love and beauty into your life. If you have a coin in your pocket turn it over for good luck.

And for the Bad Luck….

Again if you sleep with the moon shining on your face it could cause you to go crazy. And if a family member dies during a blue moon, three more will follow. Gangsters believed that if you robbed anything on the night of a Blue Moon it would be a failure. If a person becomes ill during the blue moon they will die in 8 days. And if you look at the moon through any kind of glass, windows or glasses, whatever glass item you used to view it is considered bad luck for 30 days.

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