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Major Updates on the “House of Night” Television Series

Today on the “House of Night” Facebook page fans who were eagerly awaiting news of the promised television series were able to watch a live stream about what’s to come. Kristin Cast, Phyllis Cast (P.C.) and television producer David Cormican all sat down and went over what the plans were, what’s been happening and gave us the 411 on how the show is progressing.

Even though COVID has put a damper on things like filming for series, that’s not a bad thing for the “House of Night” team. They say that in fact the creative process for the show has been much more in depth than what can usually happen with shows. So that when the time comes to film they will be more than ready.

P.C. and Kristin Cast

Where will it be filmed? Who will be cast?

Though the books are grounded in Tulsa, OK they may or may not be filming there. David said during the stream that he is in talks with Tulsa commissions but it may not pan out that way. P.C. said that she wouldn’t mind moving the filming to a safer place since COVID in America has been such a problem. But know that even if they do film somewhere else the heart of the story will still remain there.

They stated in the stream that the casting will be open. Once they hire a casting director they will shout from the rooftops or whatever the social media equivalent is. Fans should be able to submit audition tapes and they encourage people to try out. P.C. also stated that the diversity shown in the books will remain on screen. So you can expect all the kind of characters you first fell in love with to be in the TV series letting their individual traits shine through.

What changes are happening to the the series, if any?

Not much actually! Some of the names may be changed, they mentioned that the twins would be called Monique and Misty instead of Shaunee and Erin. There may be some other name changes down the line but P.C. said that all of the changes are being made by her. The reasons for the name changes were not addressed but since it’s all with the authors blessing and she has had full creative power over them should give fans the closure they need on the subject.

Since the show will be showing all of the characters and the first three books are written from Zoey’s perspective we can expect some things to be touched on that may not have been in the books. Adapting the script to incorporate all of the characters narratives will be interesting and something to look forward to.

When can we expect the series to premiere and where?

Again the answer for this is not so simple. Due to the current pandemic they have had to put careful thought into a lot of things but according to David the soonest we will see it is sometime in 2021, 2022. They also said that currently they do not have any networks tied down but if the fans wanted to @ them or send them emails so that the momentum is there when they have these discussions for the series they would very grateful.

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The typical networks that would hopefully pick it up are Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. And when the series does get picked up David also said that often times they will have a 2-3 season contract with them. Though they can’t guarantee that they will get more than one. Part of the consideration when picking up a show goes to how many subscribers they can get as well as retain.

They had also mentioned things like “spin-offs” and “otherworlds” so that is something to get even more excited about.

Special Effects for the show..

P.C. said that some of the things she is most excited for is that we will get to see her world come to life. Though this can be scary because sometimes it’s not how you image. Kalona with his massive black wings would probably be done in CGI while other things like Zoey’s tattoos would be either done by CG or practical makeup effects.

Round Up!

So while nothing is set in stone with a network and the timeframe for the show could put it into 2022, we now know a lot about how the series will be. The tone for the show will likely be put at TV-14 or Mature. Probably leaning toward the latter. Only because they promise that the pilot for the show embodies everything the books had. Darkness, drama, scary undertones and creepy feelings. Because of the content of the books being more on the adult side of YA we should expect them to keep the show the same.

P.C. and Kristin Cast have been involved from step one and they have fully blessed the pilot. P.C. even mentioned that she’s actually jealous that she didn’t think to start the books where the pilot leads off, which gives us great hope for a killer beginning. She is looking forward to seeing her descriptions come to life along with the cats. Because who really who loves these books isn’t a big fan of cats?

Also if you have not read the books but have been recommended to read them by friends I fully recommend picking up the first one.

You can do so by clicking the link here. Believe me, the world of Zoey Redbird and the other Vampires of the House of Night is going to fully envelop you in the best way possible. 

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