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Home Depot is Selling a Massive 12 Foot Skeleton for Halloween

I don’t personally know anyone who has ever been 12 feet tall but you know what might scare the heck out of me? Seeing a 12 foot skeleton. Now Home Depot is selling a giant skeleton you can add in with your other Halloween scenery this year.

Though we’re not sure if kids will be trick or treating it’s still something we can decorate for. Especially since so much joy can come from just a car ride around the neighborhood and seeing all the cool festive decorations.

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Home Depot is selling this for $300 and not only is it big, but they say it has “LifeEyes”. The animated LCD eyes are meant to add a spookier effect so beware of screaming children when they make eye contact with this thing. They also offer payment plans so you can make payments of around $50 on your new friend.

If you want to check out the listing you can do so by clicking the link here.

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